About Us

Our Objectives

Representation and Advocacy

To establish an organization that will effectively represent the aspirations, concerns, and challenges of farmers at the highest levels of decision-making in St Kitts and Nevis. The Association strives to be the voice of farmers, ensuring their interests are considered in key policy and decision-making processes.

Mainstreaming Farmers Concerns

To ensure that farmers concerns are integrated into relevant legislation, policies, and projects implemented by the government. The Association actively engages with policymakers to advocate for the inclusion of farmers' perspectives, needs, and aspirations in the agricultural sector's development plans.

Capacity Development and Knowledge Sharing

To promote the continuous development of the Association's membership through capacity-building initiatives and exposure to researched information and cutting-edge technology. The Association aims to enhance the skills, knowledge, and expertise of farmers, enabling them to adapt to changing agricultural practices and effectively address emerging challenges.

Economic and Social Well-being

To promote the social and economic well-being of all Association members by facilitating access to markets, identifying funding opportunities, and attracting essential services. The Association actively supports its members in establishing sustainable livelihoods, enhancing productivity, and improving their economic prospects.

Education and Awareness

To promote education for all members regarding national policies, plans, and projects of the government. The Association seeks to empower farmers with the necessary knowledge and understanding to actively engage in shaping agricultural policies, contribute to decision-making processes, and participate in the development of their communities.

Knowledge Dissemination and Public Awareness

To produce knowledge products and organize events that contribute to public education and awareness of the state of agriculture in St. Kitts. The Association aims to bridge the gap between farmers, the general public, and other stakeholders by sharing valuable information, research findings, and promoting a greater understanding of the importance of agriculture for the nation's development.

Through the pursuit of these objectives, the Association endeavors to create a vibrant and sustainable agricultural sector in St Kitts and Nevis, benefiting farmers, rural communities, and the nation as a whole.